Titan Telehandler Work Platform Man Basket

It can help you and your personnel perform a myriad of aerial assignments, including changing out lights, painting buildings, repairing roofs, and cutting down trees. Whether you’re a construction worker, telehandler, or lumberjack, you’ll find this safety cage incredibly useful. Designed with SAFETY: Mesh screen flooring and internal handrails.

Titan Telehandler Work Platform Man Basket

GREAT FOR AERIAL JOBS: Whenever your job calls for an elevated platform, use Titan’s Telehandler Safety Basket. Our safety cage can help you complete aerial tasks such as changing light bulbs and repairing roofs. You can also use it for painting the exterior of homes or for performing tree services. Whatever the case, if you need a lift, trust Titan.

Titan Telehandler Work Platform Man Basket

STRONG, STURDY CONSTRUCTION: At Titan, we use only high-quality materials to make our products. You’ll find this is the case with our Telehandler Safety Basket. This basket is made from strong, heavy-duty steel for superior construction. This basket also has a powder-coated finish to prevent rust, making it durable and long-lasting.

“Works great for the money!”

Platform works very well for being half the price of every other work platform i looked at. the only down fall you may run into is the rails do not left of but are bolted in place and you can only left platform from the back and not the side also like a few other platforms that are out there. – (verified Amazon purchase)

“Almost Perfect!”

Great quality. Very happy with the product. However, they want you to go to a week due for the assembly directions and it wouldn’t load on my phone. I had to put it together based on pictures I found on the internet. But it all worked out and I love it. – (verified Amazon purchase)

“I’m a builder so…”

I’m a builder so it’s an essential piece of equipment for my skytrak fork lift. It makes working at heights ladders can’t reach very easy, and provides workers a better sense of security. – Carlos Hunt., (verified Amazon purchase)

Skid Steer Tractor Attachments Telehandler Parts

Front Loaders - Buckets - Grapples - Forks - Tillers - Chippers

Helpful Tips: Skid Steer Pallet Forks

How to assemble Skid Steer Attachments

Titan Attachments 72" Rock Grapple Skeleton Loader, Universal Skid Steer with Couplers and Hoses

UNIVERSAL SKID STEER HOOKUP: This rock grapple bucket is built with a universal skid steer hookup, allowing it to attach to several different makes of haulers. The frame is made with a 3” x 3” steel tubing that is finished with a durable matte black powder coat paint. Along with the grapple rake, you’ll receive hoses and couplers with your purchase.

Titan Attachments 72" Rock Grapple Skeleton Loader, Universal Skid Steer with Couplers and Hoses

Logs, brush, and debris can be difficult to clean up from your property. For one, these items are hard to lift and carry because of their heavy weight. Additionally, logs, brush, and debris can be oddly-shaped, so picking them up is often awkward. Fortunately, you don’t need to strain yourself doing such work. Instead, let your skid steer do the work!

Titan Attachments 72" Rock Grapple Skeleton Loader, Universal Skid Steer with Couplers and Hoses

This 72-inch grapple rake is ideal for collecting rocks and other debris, thereby cleaning up your yard. This attachment features a universal skid steer hookup. Included with your purchase are hoses and flat-faced couplers and two 2.5” bore x 8” stroke hydraulic cylinders. Because of our technology, your machine can run smoothly without taxing your loader.

“Heavy Duty Attachment!”

Built really well. The only issue I have with it is the hoses are way too long. They need to design something to keep them away from pinch points. I’ll be doing this before it’s used again. Otherwise it’s a great attachment!! – Aaron, S. (verified Amazon purchase)

“Very Well Built”

This was a great buy , made of heavy duty steel ! The only issue I have is the hydro hose connections are located too close the connections on my skid loader so when you tilt the bucket back too far back they can interfere with each other and may brake a fitting . I tie the hoses back with a bungee cord to keep out of the way . – J. Klein. (verified Amazon purchase)

“It is heavier than I first realized…”

This attachment is awesome! work’s great. It was well crated with no shipping damage at all. I put it on my 70 hp 4wd tractor and went right to work with it. Shipping was reasonably fast too arriving 8 calendar days after I ordered it. – Bowtie63 (verified Amazon purchase)

TRANSPORT GOODS WITH EASE: Skip the heavy lifting and let your tractor do the work! This pallet fork attachment makes it easier to move and transport hefty items. While using the pallet fork, you can haul logs, lumber, timber, and firewood – or install fence posts. Use this pallet fork to clear debris and brush as well as move hay bales. The versatility is endless.

EASY INSTALLATION WITH QUICK TACH: At Titan Attachments, we make hooking up tractor implements simple. This pallet fork features a universal skid steer style quick tach, so you can easily attach it to your tractor’s bucket. Simply slide your loader quick-hitch pins into the slots located on the lower back side of the attachment, and you’re all set.

COMPATIBLE WITH MOST MOWERS: This pallet fork features a universal design that is compatible with most lawn tractors, loaders, and mowers, like models from New Holland, Kubota, John Deere, and others. The buckle works with chains up to 0.5” to secure loads. This pallet fork is an essential piece of farm equipment to help you start moving supplies.

“Great Price and very useful!”

I love that the forks can be removed and that there’s a spot at the top of the forks to mount a trailer ball or a hook/clevis/chain. With the forks removed I often use the back plate to attach chains and log tongs to in order to hoist logs that are too heavy to pick up with the forks. Also, I welded a snow plow mount directly onto the fork plate and it’s worked great! So for me, I got both the forks and a plate that I’ve customized to fit my needs. – WillBillys, (verified Amazon purchase)

“Fits and works great!”

fits and works great on my Kubota L3901. only took mim. to put together and mount on tractor. And you can’t beat the price with free shipping. Fed-x was a bit rough on the packaging, and bent the top strap–titan offered to replace it, but was not a real problem with a little help from my trusty hammer. Great product, great price, free shipping—can’t do better than that!! – Tom Ewing, (verified Amazon purchase)

“Handy, versatile, affordable attachment.”

Chain slot for binding is a 3/8 plate. Rest of plate looks to be around 1/4″. Mine arrived with the top strap of the mast bent some which was acceptable to me and did not care. May have sent that way or happened in transit. FedEx delivered and driver helped mount to tractor quick attach arms and install forks then I hailed off the pallet it arrived on along with the trash. We have a Mahindra 4035 and had to trim the mount plate to clear the loader pivots about a 1/2″x5″ for each loader arm. For $300 free shipping it is very hard to find fault with this very handy, versatile attachment. Thank you Titan. – M., (verified Amazon purchase)

Top 10 Skid Steer and Telehandler Attachments

What will be the top ten implements you ought to have in your machine shed? To answer that query, the very first thing you should do is make a list of all the jobs you have to get completed around your spot. Mowing pasture, or turf-type grass? Lifting, moving, and dumping material? Scraping and moving dirt? Grading or leveling land? Digging holes? Operating a sizable garden?

Which implements are proper for you personally depend on what you have to get done. But having said that, here’s a list of what we believe owners of huge properties ought to have in their machine sheds to take care of essentially the most typical jobs they’ll face.

#1 – Tractor Loader

Without having a loader, you are only getting half the productivity available out of your tractor. Using a loader, you’ll be able to add a material bucket (US CA) and turn your tractor into a scooping, moving, dumping machine. Add a pallet fork (US CA) and you’ve got a forklift. Add a debris grapple (US CA) and also you can put all that woodland refuse in one, large pile. And the list goes on.

#2 – Rotary Cutter or Grooming Mower

Which is proper for you? Here’s a handy rule of thumb. If you’re sustaining turf grass, or any other grassy region you’d like your friends and neighbors to admire, you should almost certainly be utilizing a grooming mower (US CA). If you are maintaining rough areas like a road edge, back lot or pasture beneath manage, you should probably be utilizing a rotary cutter (US CA).

Be advised, these mowing implements are not interchangeable. It is important to make use of the one that’s correct for the application. You’ll want a minimum of one of them, might be each, because as all of us know, the grass just keeps on growing.

#3 – Box Blade

A hard-working box blade with scarifiers (US CA) is one of the most versatile implements you’ll ever have. Grading and leveling gravel drives. Building paths. Leveling land for a new developing. Spreading dirt from exactly where you don’t want it to where you do want it. Terracing land. Providing some rear ballast when using your loader attachments. Generally speaking, it’s one of those must have tools you will probably use a whole lot.

#4 – Rear Blade

Digging ditches. Returning gravel that is been pushed off your gravel driveway back where it belongs. Grading and smoothing your drive. Snow removal. You will locate lots of perform for any rear blade (US CA). Now, which implements do individuals believe are also higher around the list?

#5 – Land Plane

A land plane (US CA) is a excellent tool to possess in your machine shed for preserving a gravel road or driveway, smoothing a horse arena, leveling a garden, and a lot of other makes use of you will think of.

#6 – Snowblower

When you have a extended driveway as much as your location, or any huge area you have to keep clear of snow, there’s nothing at all more quickly or more effective than a Tractor-Mounted Snowblower (US CA).

#7 – Post Hole Digger

Develop a fence. Build a deck. Develop a pole barn or machine shed. Plant trees. A shovel or post hole digging tool that is powered together with your back is no match for a post hole digger (US CA) and auger (US CA) powered by the PTO on your tractor.

# 8 – Rotary Tiller

If a sizable vegetable garden is on your list of desires, you will want a tractor-mounted rotary tiller (US CA) to prepare the soil for planting each spring, or before planting a cover crop within the fall.

#9 – Pallet Fork

Together with a bucket, a pallet fork (US CA) is one of those versatile tools that may make all kinds of jobs less difficult about your place. Stack a load on a pallet. Strap it down. Move it all anyplace you want. Handy.

#10 – Spreader

Need to spread salt more than a big region to help keep the ice at bay? A polyethylene, tractor-mounted broadcast spreader (US CA) is ideal for the job. Not only will it stand up to the salt, but it is also excellent for spreading seed inside the fall and fertilizer in the spring. That’s a 3-season machine, which always means a lot more for your funds.

Those would be the Top ten implements we feel you ought to contemplate first. Really, that’s 11 if you count each the grooming mower and rotary cutter. Frontier gives more than 600 implements that can aid turn your tractor into the workhorse it was built to become. They’re available exclusively out of your John Deere dealer. And bear in mind, always read the Operator’s Manual prior to operating any piece of equipment and stick to all operating and safety guidelines.  Read more on the John Deere website.

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